A few thoughts following the election

Following elections, changes in government, and changes in law and society, it is so very necessary that we pause, reflect, and remember what we stand and fight for as Jews.
We stand for stable democratic government, knowing that we and those around us only thrive when we have functioning government and a democratic system in which we all respectfully share our needs and views.
We fight for the unemployed, by working to get everyone employment to support themselves and their families, and by extending education, which has kept the Jewish people thriving for millennia, to all those who will benefit from it.
We stand for the foreigner in need of a loving hand, knowing that we have many times over been in need of help from others who have sometimes been suspicious, closing doors, and at other times been gracious, allowing us to join them in safety and security.
We fight for vulnerable men, women, and children, who according to our tradition, have the right to do whatever it takes to live.
We stand for those in the LGBT community, as we believe that all human beings and citizens are entitled to equality under law.
We fight for people of all types and backgrounds, knowing that God created all of humankind from a single ancestor, made in God’s image.
We stand for ourselves, the Jewish people, knowing that there is a rise in groups who seek to harm us.
We fight for Israel, knowing that Israel must be secure and supported by the United States, its strongest ally, and that Israel must have a lasting peace with its neighbors.
We stand for in learning, critical thinking, and honest debate.
We fight for kindness and love for fellow human beings and respect for different opinions.
We stand for a secure America in which we and our loved ones can be safe.
And we fight for a world that is not just here for us today, but here for our children, grandchildren, and future generations to come.
Our job as Jews is to be God’s partners in this world and a light unto the nations. Therefore, in the wake of such a divisive period for this nation, let us reach across opinions with love and respect. We congratulate President-elect Trump on his victory, we continue to ask God to bless this nation, and we do whatever it takes, as Jews, to ensure that our communities, our nation, and our world is one of which we can all be proud.
May God grant strength, blessing, peace, and unity to the United States of America and its people.
If anyone would like to meet, please give me a call at any point at 732-549-4442 x1 or come during my open office hours:
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Rabbi David Z. Vaisberg

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David Vaisberg, originally from Montreal and Mississauga, Canada, serves as Rabbi at Temple Emanu-El of Edison, NJ and lives in Metuchen, NJ with his family.

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