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Did you ever want to know where those rabbis came up six hundred and thirteen mitzvot? Maimonides certainly did, and wrote them down in his Sefer HaMitzvot (book of Mitzvahs). In this mini-course, we will look in depth at some of the most important mitzvot in Judaism through Maimonides’ work and those of later commentators with different opinions.

What? You have somewhere to be during the day that’s not at Temple? You’re at work, or on vacation? Well, this course is just for you, as it will be by internet (Zoom) or phone. Materials will be provided one day in advance via email by Rabbi Vaisberg.

Classes will be Tuesdays in August from 11 am to 12 pm, EST.

August 1: Introduction to Sefer HaMitzvot, and Belief in God and our duties to God

August 8: Shabbat and Holy Days

August 15: Food

August 22: Justice and Courts

August 29: The Poor

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David Vaisberg, originally from Montreal and Mississauga, Canada, serves as Rabbi at Temple Emanu-El of Edison, NJ and lives in Metuchen, NJ with his family.

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